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Skip-a-Payment Program
At USFCU we understand that life can sometimes “throw you a curve”. When you need a little wiggle room in your budget, skip-a-payment on your loan.  

Notary Services
United Southeast Federal Credit Union is your one-stop-shop. If you ever need an official document notarized, we have several certified notaries on staff. Did we forget to mention that it’s a free service for all members.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Need a fire-safe, secure place to store personal items? Start a safe deposit box. Size and costs vary. Call US for availability.

Postal Stamps
Need to mail something but don’t want to stop at the post office too? Good. You don’t have to. We provide stamps for you. Request them while you are here and save yourself some running.

Carfax Vehicle History Reports
Shopping for a vehicle isn’t an easy task. USFCU wants to make the buying process as simple and safe for you as possible. For every used vehicle we finance, we pull a Carfax report to make sure your purchase is a sound one. Carfax reports tell us if your potential vehicle has ever been involved with an auto accident. And, it offers service and maintenance history so you can tell how well the vehicle has been taken care of in the past. We will give you a copy of the report to keep too. Make sure your next purchase is a reliable one.

N.A.D.A. Vehicle Value Reports
At USFCU we want to make sure our members are taken care of. We do not want you to over pay for anything. For every collateral loan we do, whether it be a boat, camper, motorcycle or auto, we make sure that you are not taken advantage of based on the NADA Retail Value. NADA reports are free and we can pull them on just about any vehicle or recreational vehicle. See US before you start shopping so we can give you the value of your trade along with a pre-approval.

Coin Machine
Are you a change collector? Does your child have a piggy bank? Any loose change you have laying around you can gather up and bring in to US to have it counted. You can exchange it for bills or deposit it to your account. What’s the charge? Nothing for members, we run your coin for free. No need to count and roll your coin any more. Just bring it in to our Corporate office “as is” and it will be counted.
Please make sure that no foreign objects (such as rings, bullets, screws or toys) are in the coin. Other Services

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