Insurance Services

Auto, Home and Life Insurance
United Southeast Federal Credit Union is committed to providing the financial services our members want at competitive prices. The Insurance products offered by our credit union in partnership with the CUNA Mutual Insurance Society are another way we attempt to achieve that goal.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (ADD)

Accidents happen and sometimes we feel like lives are cut too short too soon. Some Life insurance companies will not pay out for accidental deaths or loss of limbs. See if Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance is right for you through CUNA Mutual Group.

MEMBER’S CHOICE Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance

United Southeast Federal Credit Union has your best interest at heart. We want you to feel secure in your finances at every stage of life. Credit Life and Disability insurance can give you peace of mind when trials come your way. In case of injury, sickness, or loss of life, rest easy knowing that your loan payments are protected when you chose to add Credit Life and/or Disability Insurance to your loan.

G.A.P. Insurance

Vehicles lose value very quickly and chances are, you will have negative equity in your vehicle at some point in time during the life of your auto loan. If you have an accident that totals your vehicle during that time, your auto insurance company may not pay off the full balance of your loan. Then, you are left to pay the rest of the debt yourself. Guaranteed Asset Protection (G.A.P.) insurance closes the gap between the vehicles market value and the actual payoff. In the even of a total loss, not only will it pay off your balance, it will also give you $1,000 toward the purchase of your next vehicle if you finance with US.

*The insurance products offered are not federally insured, are not obligations of the credit union, are not guaranteed by the credit union, and may involve investment risk.


Insurance Services