Debit Cards

Recently, USFCU converted to brand new Visa® debit cards with EMV Chip technology. (EMV – Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) In the wake of numerous large scale data breaches and increasing rates of counterfeit card fraud, the U.S. is migrating to a safer technology to protect consumers from fraud. The small computer chip on the front of your new card is what sets it apart from the former magnetic strip cards. With every transaction, the EMV card chip creates a unique transaction code that can never be used again. With the former cards, the data held within the magnetic strip during a transaction could be easily duplicated, enabling criminals to steal your information for their gain. Our vision at USFCU is to always be the “secure choice for the financial times in your life”.

We know you have a busy life and you’re always looking for ways to streamline your busy day. The United Southeast Federal Credit Union VISA® Debit card makes day to day purchases easier. You no longer have to carry around a checkbook and hope that establishment takes a check, plus the amount from your purchase is automatically deducted from your checking account. You’ll get a receipt on the spot, plus a description of the transaction printed right on your monthly checking account statement. Your debit card also doubles as an ATM card so you can withdrawal cash from your checking account at any ATM location. Finally, the USFCU VISA® Debit Card is accepted almost everywhere.

If you already have a checking account with US, you can request your VISA® Debit Card by completing a simple request from. If you do not have a checking account with US, simply stop by and talk to one of our Member Service Representatives. We’ll be happy to open your new checking account and get your VISA® Debit Card ordered for you right away!

Debit Card Contacts and Information:

  • Report a Debit or ATM card lost or stolen:  1.800.449.7728
  • Activate your card or change your PIN:  1.866.985.2273
  • 24/7 Member Service Support:  1.866.820.1065 (After hours support representatives do not have access to account history or balances.)
  • To sign up for USFCU Visa Debit Card alerts click here.

To apply for a Debit Card you must print this document, complete all fields and return to one of our office locations. You may choose to fax or e-mail the form.

Email completed form to:
Fax completed forms to:  (423) 989-2183

Blocked Merchant Categories:  Online Gambling