Home Equity Loans

HE LoansHome ownership is a wonderful thing, but with it comes great responsibilities. There is no landlord to call when things tear up or wear out. You have to fix it, fix it up, and update it yourself. When appliances break or the roof needs repaired, we are there for you. United Southeast Federal Credit Union makes it easy for you to use the equity you’ve already built in your home to establish it as it your very own palace.

Home Equity Line of Credit Loan
Want the flexibility of knowing you have the money when you need it for home improvements, vacations, college expenses, a new vehicle or any other reason? Then a Home Equity Line of Credit is the answer. With a home equity line of credit, we can set up a line to a maximum of 90% of the market value of your home for up to 30 years. You can draw funds against your line today, tomorrow, or any time within the next 15 years. It is available whenever you need it. Depending on your outstanding balance, the repayment terms can be anywhere from 6 years up to the full 30 years. The interest you pay on your home equity line of credit maybe tax deductible (consult your tax adviser for a determination).

  • Up to a 30 year loan with a 15 year draw period
  • Finance up to 90% of your home’s value
  • Variable rate feature
  • Line accessibility by phone, checks, debit card, Mobile Access and @ccessUS.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan
Want the stability of knowing what your rate will be for the entire term of your loan? A Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan fits the bill. You don’t have to worry about interest rates in a rocky economy because your rate will not change over the entire life of the loan. Now you can just focus on doing the work that needs to be done.

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Loans terms from 4 to 15 years
  • Finance up to 90% of your home’s value

To apply for a HELOC loan call 423-989-2100.

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