WhatsNew_SkipAPay2Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to skip-a-payment on your car loan or your personal loan and use that money for something else?  For example, when summer rolls around, wouldn’t you like to be able to skip-a-payment on your USFCU auto loan and use that money to pay for a vacation?

Well, now’s the time to talk with us about the USFCU Skip-A-Payment Program. Just be sure your request is made by or before your regular scheduled payment due date!

Qualifications for the Skip-A-Payment Program:

  • All of your loans with us must have been kept current for the past 12 months before we can grant a skip-payment
  • You may not have any current delinquent loans or credit cards with us
  • Your request(s) must be signed by your joint borrower or co-signer if there was one
  • We are only allowed to grant you one skip payment per loan, per year

Call or come by one of our branch locations today to take advantage of this great program! Return the completed skip-a-payment form along with the $30 fee to any office, Skip A Pay Form

An approved Skip-A-Payment request will extend the term of the loan. This program does not apply to any mortgage loans including, but not limited to, first mortgages, and home equity products. Visa Classic, Visa Gold, and Visa Platinum are also exempt from the Skip-A-Payment Program. A $30 fee is assessed for each Skip-A-Payment request granted. Other restrictions may also apply.