STARS.T.A.R. (Simple Telephone Audio Response) is an inquiry and transaction service accessible by using a telephone. You can use S.T.A.R. any time, day or night. The automated system will answer your call and lead you through each step enabling you to obtain information about your accounts or to make transfers or withdrawals.All you need is your member number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which can be obtained by contacting any of our Member Service Representatives.

To apply for S.T.A.R., you must print this document, complete all fields and return to one of our office locations. You may choose to fax or e-mail the form.

Email completed form to:  ElectronicDepartment@usfcu.org
Fax completed forms to:  (423) 989-2183

To access your account using S.T.A.R. please call 423-968-STAR (7827) or 1-800-707-STAR (7827)

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