Electronic Services

Mobile Access
United Southeast Federal Credit Union is there for you wherever you are. With Mobile Access you have automatic access to all your accounts, anywhere in the world, anytime you need it. When you need US, we’re there for you.

Checks2US – Mobile Deposits
Deposit checks from anywhere using your phone’s camera with Checks2US. Login to Mobile Access, tap Checks2US, snap a picture of a check, and voila…make a deposit. No more standing in lines, pulling in a drive-thru or waiting for night-drop checks to be processed. Deposits can be done in a flash from wherever you are!!

@ccessUS – Online Account Access
When you can’t use your phone, you can reach us on the web. One more way USFCU is there for you. Get 24/7 access to your accounts anywhere and everywhere over an internet connection.

Digital Wallet
Remember when your mobile phone was strictly for calling?  These days we an now use our phone for snapping photos, recording videos and even paying for our purchases.  United Southeast now has Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay™ for our debit card users! The next time you are in the checkout line passing time by scrolling through the news on your phone, keep that phone out and use it pay for your groceries!

Online Bill Pay
Tired of running around paying bills? It’s time to stop worrying about when your payments are due. Set up all your bills in one convenient location online and let them pay themselves. No more writing checks, buying stamps to mail out bills and no more hassle. Online Bill Payments are safe secure and guaranteed to be there on time.

Protect your accounts and yourself. Sign up for e-Statements and you’ll get your statements delivered electronically every month. Cut back on mail fraud, stop waiting for a paper statement to balance your account and cut down on paper. Simply save a copy of your statements and you’ll always have a copy to refer back to . Save yourself time, money and stress.

Visa® Debit Cards
Many financial institutions want to charge you to use their plastic cards. At USFCU, you don’t have to pay to have a debit card. Get the convenience of using your debit card anytime you want to, wherever you want to, all at no cost to you. Use one of our convenient ATMs to withdraw money and you don’t have to pay ATMs fees either!

S.T.A.R. – Telephone Account Access
If you don’t have access to a computer or a data connection, we are still here for you. All you have to do is call 968-STAR and enter your 4-digit PIN number to get automated account information 24/7. When all else fails, pick up the phone and call US.

USFCU currently has 15 strategically placed ATMs throughout Southwest VA and Northeast TN. Check out our locations for the closest one to you. USFCU is always open for opportunities in places we can expand. Let US know how we can better meet your needs.

Electronic Services