United Southeast Federal Credit Union believes in the safety and well-being of our members; therefore, we strive to provide valuable information about identity theft, scam/fraud alerts, and precautions you need to take when communicating, buying, or transferring any kind of information over the internet. We will continue to update these pages as we obtain important bulletins.


Tips for Online Security

  1. Formulate a password known only to you and never reveal it to anyone.  Don’t use your address, phone number, birthday, or social security number; instead, use a combination of letters and numbers.
  2. Don’t leave your computer unattended with your account on the screen.  If you must leave, then log off.
  3. Log off properly when you have completed your online business.  Follow the secure area exit instructions – assuring your electronic safety.
  4. Anti-virus software should be installed on all internet-connected computers.  Since new viruses are emerging daily, it is essential to update your anti-virus software regularly.
  5. Make sure your computer has a firewall.  A firewall reduces threats to your computer from the internet by filtering out potentially dangerous data and preventing unauthorized access to your computer.
  6. Regular e-mail is generally not encrypted – don’t send sensitive financial information through e-mail.
  7. Read e-mail only from senders you know and do not open suspicious attachments.


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