American Express Travelers Cheques
The safe and easy way to protect your travel money at home and abroad.

Cut back on bulky wallets and large amounts of cash, and carry American Express Travellers Cheques!  Unlike cash, if they are lost or stolen they can be replaced with one telephone call virtually anywhere in the world - usually within 24 hours. Travelers Cheques can be purchased at all USFCU branches for $1 per $100.

American Express Travellers Cheques are accepted around the world. A wide variety of stores, restaurants and hotels accept them, as well as banks, other financial institutions, currency exchanges and American Express Travel Service locations. Or you may prefer to exchange your Travelers Cheques for local currency free of charge at over 86,000 locations around the world. And, since they never expire, you can save unused Travellers Cheques for your next trip.

The benefits:

  • Safer than cash
  • Worldwide customer service network
  • Accepted worldwide
  • No expiration date
  • Suitable for almost every travel destination
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