Your colors are chosen, you found the perfect location and picked out your invitations. Now how do you politely ask your guest for the gift you really want? CASH. By opening a Wedding Registry account with United Southeast Federal Credit Union.  

Simply open a wedding registry account and let your guests do the rest. When you open the account you will be given wedding registry cards for shower and wedding invitations! The bridal registry card will indicate that you have set up an account which allows your guests to deposit money into it instead of putting cash in a card. As gifts are deposited, USFCU will send you the receipts and note the name of who gave the gift. The information will appear on your @ccessUS account and on your monthly statement to use as a thank you list. Best of all, you and your guests will have peace of mind knowing your money is safe and secure in your bridal registry account.



For more information, click to view the Wedding Registry brochure.

Additional invitiation inserts.




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