Safe, Convenient, and Easy best defines USFCU's newest product - E-Statements! 

An E-Statement is an electronic version of your USFCU statement.  You can safely view and print your statement right from your computer.

Click here to view the complete E-Statement Brochure.


Questions & Answers

How much do E-Statements cost?
E-Statements are provided free to USFCU members who choose to receive their statement electronically.

Are E-Statements secure?
Since your E-Statement is located on our @ccessUS server, your statement is behind a firewall and is transmitted to your Internet browser using the latest 128 bit SSL Internet encryption.

How do I sign up to begin receiving my statement electronically?
1.  Members must be signed up for @ccessUS and give a valid email address.
2.  If you are already an @ccessUS user, with a valid email address on file with USFCU,  simply log onto @ccessUS and click on E-Statements.  Then, read and accept the E-Statement Disclosure.

When will I receive my E-Statement?
At the first of each month, you will receive an email notification that your E-Statement is available via @ccessUS

What if I change my email address?
Simply update your email address on @ccessUS.  You can do this by sending US a message with your new email address through the Message Board on @ccessUS.  This ensures that you will continue to receive notification when your statement is available.

What will my E-Statements look like?
E-Statements are available as a PDF and look exactly like your paper statement.

What do I need to view my E-Statements?
Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed for viewing your E-Statement.  If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from

How long will my E-Statements be available for viewing?
You will be able to view 6 months of history.  However, due to the conversion, you will only be able to view E-Statements as far back as March 2008.

Can I receive a paper statement as well as an electronic statement?
You can either have a paper or an electronic statement, but not both.

Will I still receive the newsletter?
Newsletters, along with other inserts, will be viewable as a PDF.

Can I cancel E-Statements?
You can change your statement preference anytime via @ccessUS.  From the main menu, click on E-Statements and Update Profile - select Disagree to cancel E-Statements.

 What happens to my E-Statement history if I cancel E-Statements?
All of your E-Statement history will be deleted at the time of cancellation.  If you wish to print or save your available statements, you must do so before canceling. 

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